Professional vs. DIY SEO in Oshawa – Which is Better?

Don't do it yourself!


It is already given if you take on the usual been there done that attitude the moment you decide to hire the services of an Oshawa SEO company. Whether you got your site up and running or you have plans to create one for your company, among the biggest decisions you have to make is if you will hire the services of professional SEO experts or go for DIY SEO.

Before you decide, it is best to weigh the good and bad sides of these two options. 

DIY SEO in Oshawa

This particular choice is suitable for people who are knowledgeable about the ins and outs of SEO. Among the primary benefits of DIY search engine optimization is that you will be getting complete control of the whole optimization effort. It means that you will be getting full credit for the result of both the off-page and on-site optimization efforts or sometimes, you will also take the blame for errors and miscues. 

One obvious motivation as to why you should go down the DIY route is none other than economics. Needless to say, you can save a lot if you are in charge of SEO yourself. But, like everything else, there is a catch here. 

You have to be very sure that you have more than adequate competency level in performing the SEO methods you choose to use for your site. You wouldn’t want to suffer from penalties or get banned just because you were too aggressive in your SEO efforts. On the contrary, if you consider yourself to be very conservative in your efforts on SEO, it might take awhile before achieving higher rankings in the search engine results.

Professional SEO Oshawa

Professional SEO in Oshawa

Professional SEO in Oshawa is a substantial expense for the company and it’s essential to be careful when considering some options before you engage with the different services of an SEO company. You may need to allocate enough amount of the resources if you like to hire the services of the SEO experts. 

A reliable and highly competent Oshawa SEO company should be able to determine the right niche for your business one. Equipped with such information, it should provide you a general perspective on how your SEO campaign must play out and how long it’ll need to take for you to reach the top ranking in the search engine results.

A simple link building doesn’t constitute SEO. If you get a proposal from your SEO provider that depends solely on link building, it’s an indication that it’s the perfect time for you to consider the proposals of some SEO providers in your shortlist. An honest SEO service encompasses both off-site and on-site optimization efforts that involve backlink acquisition, site navigation, HTML correction, internal linking, design, content marketing, submission to the top-tier directories, and so much more.

Both professional and DIY SEO in Oshawa have pros and cons. However, if you’re willing to pay and wish to save more time to do other important business activities, hire the best professional SEO in Oshawa like Green Genie SEO.

Why You Should Invest in Precious Metals

Why You Should Invest in Precious Metals

With the national economy still recovering, numerous investors who learned their lessons the hard way are now attempting to knock financial uncertainty by returning to precious metal investments, a traditional source of stability. Investments in gold bullion, silver bars, coins, and necessary mining metals help ease widespread fears about unsteady markets, the specter of a double-dip recession, and inflationary practices by in-the-red governments.  Here is a video explaining why you should invest in precious metals.

Investing in precious metals quickly appears as a quick, proven, and secure path to financial security for 2 simple factors:

1. Play it Close to the Chest with Precious Metals

It is widely understood – and legitimately feared – that the zealous overprinting practices and cut interest rates of central banks all over the world will derail global economic output and recovery. Printing a lot more cash than a government can safely back forces investors and average citizens to worry themselves with palpable fears about stagflation and inflation, regressive economic states which will drive down the value of a dollar overnight.

The value of precious metals like gold, silver, and mining metals stays stable in the course of very good times – and skyrockets throughout the bad. When all of the economic indicators are pointing down, gold, silver, and other metals point up, precisely for the reason that these commodities are required worldwide for a lot of factors. The truth that investors can store precious metals like these in a secure or in non-fungible storage with a bank portends nicely for any person who needs to rely on gold or silver. Once the economy recovers, or you want the dollars, you’ll be able to generally exchange these precious metals for their monetary worth.

2. Emerging Markets Hunger for Precious Metals

Aside from the normal interest in gold and silver, precious metals also contain key baseline metals required for the production of industrial merchandise in emerging markets, for example, those in China, India, and Brazil. Investors could be wise to ride bargain opportunities discovered in silver as well as coal and steel, which numerous markets rate in a few of the same categories as their prettier cousins.

Why? It’s no secret that state-funded providers in China and India are gobbling up precious metals in domestic and foreign markets, importing large amounts of silver, coal, and steel. These precious metals are utilized to fire up factories, make sophisticated instruments for solar panels as well as other option energy merchandise. With a green-tech revolution past the tipping point, precious metals like silver will continue to rise in value and produce new capital opportunities for investors abroad.

Confident in the long-term reliability and new opportunities that these markets represent, any investor can see that now is the time to invest in precious metals – and therefore in the future.

Choosing a Gold and Silver Dealer

Choosing a Gold and Silver Dealer

There are thousands of gold and silver dealers, from the small local coin shop to large online dealers with call centers.  Through all of that, how do you know if you’re dealing with a reputable organization that will give you fair pricing, fast shipping and sound advice?   Here are some ways you can make sure you are choosing a gold and silver dealer with a solid reputation.


A good precious metals dealer guards their reputation well, and you can make sure that firm you choose has a solid reputation.  You can do that with a simple Google search, simply type in the dealer’s name followed by the words, “review”, “scam” or “experience”, this will let you know how other customers have fared with the dealer.  You want to find genuine reviews so look with a careful eye to make sure they were written by an actual customer instead of a marketing company. My personal choice is Durham Precious Metals. They have a small town service attitude and downtown pricing.Check out their website. The owner has some good info on their Youtube channel. Common sense stuff that not many dealers will say!


The experience of a precious metals dealer who has a solid understanding of the market is vitally important in making your investment.  You want a company that doesn’t employ low wage workers who know nothing of the industry, nor do you want company that goes in for the hard sell.  Reputable dealers with who invest as well and can answer questions for you without applying pressure to buy.   They need to be able to tell you how and where to store your metals, how gold IRAs work and can benefit you along with the authentication process.

Reviews and Ratings

For a local dealer you can check with the Better Business Bureau and see what their rating is, also while you are there have a look at the Complaint Closing Statistics for comments made by former customers.  You can also check with Google for reviews for both local and online dealers to again check and see what previous clients have said.


Lastly and perhaps most importantly is the assurance of knowing that the precious metals you are buying are authentic.  Over the years counterfeits have improved in quality and you are seeing them more than ever.  There are plenty of ways to determine authenticity, including the Sigma Metalytics Precious Metals Verifier and any reputable dealer should be willing and able to test the metals for you before you make a purchase to give you some piece of mind.

Do your research before you pick a precious metal dealer while there are plenty of reputable dealers out there willing to give you a fair price.  There are plenty who aren’t so reputable.

Everyone is Buying Metals

Everybody is talking about gold and silver nowadays. Is it any wonder? Gold and silver have traditionally been a hedge against inflation and away to securitize your investment portfolio. With all the uncertainty in the financial markets nowadays, is it any wonder that gold and silver are getting so much attention.

YouTube is rife with videos discussing monetary history and the role that gold and silver played in defining money at its inception. One does not have to look very far to find a positive opinion about why to purchase precious metals in this very tenuous time in history.

Once upon a time precious metals buyers were considered tin foil hat wearing conspiracy nuts. But this is no longer the case. Serious investors ,young people, old people and people from all walks of life are now becoming precious metals investors.

The question is when will you become a precious metals investor and will it be too late for your portfolio if you wait too long.