Choosing a Gold and Silver Dealer

Choosing a Gold and Silver Dealer

There are thousands of gold and silver dealers, from the small local coin shop to large online dealers with call centers.  Through all of that, how do you know if you’re dealing with a reputable organization that will give you fair pricing, fast shipping and sound advice?   Here are some ways you can make sure you are choosing a gold and silver dealer with a solid reputation.


A good precious metals dealer guards their reputation well, and you can make sure that firm you choose has a solid reputation.  You can do that with a simple Google search, simply type in the dealer’s name followed by the words, “review”, “scam” or “experience”, this will let you know how other customers have fared with the dealer.  You want to find genuine reviews so look with a careful eye to make sure they were written by an actual customer instead of a marketing company. My personal choice is Durham Precious Metals. They have a small town service attitude and downtown pricing.Check out their website. The owner has some good info on their Youtube channel. Common sense stuff that not many dealers will say!


The experience of a precious metals dealer who has a solid understanding of the market is vitally important in making your investment.  You want a company that doesn’t employ low wage workers who know nothing of the industry, nor do you want company that goes in for the hard sell.  Reputable dealers with who invest as well and can answer questions for you without applying pressure to buy.   They need to be able to tell you how and where to store your metals, how gold IRAs work and can benefit you along with the authentication process.

Reviews and Ratings

For a local dealer you can check with the Better Business Bureau and see what their rating is, also while you are there have a look at the Complaint Closing Statistics for comments made by former customers.  You can also check with Google for reviews for both local and online dealers to again check and see what previous clients have said.


Lastly and perhaps most importantly is the assurance of knowing that the precious metals you are buying are authentic.  Over the years counterfeits have improved in quality and you are seeing them more than ever.  There are plenty of ways to determine authenticity, including the Sigma Metalytics Precious Metals Verifier and any reputable dealer should be willing and able to test the metals for you before you make a purchase to give you some piece of mind.

Do your research before you pick a precious metal dealer while there are plenty of reputable dealers out there willing to give you a fair price.  There are plenty who aren’t so reputable.

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